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Ray High School students “Start with Hello” promoting a culture of inclusiveness

Posted at 4:11 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 17:11:12-04

Ray High School is joining the “Start with Hello” movement, a program from the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.

The program aims to prevent violence and bullying by promoting inclusion.

On Friday, students attended a presentation where speakers gave them tips on how to change school culture.

“It big school, it’s hard to meet everyone,” says Senior Natalie Quintanilla. “You see people sitting alone at lunch or in the library.”

The program teaches students three easy steps; See someone alone, Reach out and help, Start with hello.

Students were encouraged to reach out to those sitting alone at lunch, the library, the bus, and sporting events.

And to ask questions like what’s their name, their favorite color, and age. The movement also encourages students to reach out to bullies as well as victims of bullying.

“Both sides need help,” says Sandy Hook Promise Co-Founder Nicole Hockley. “So this is about how do we create that connection, how do we ensure everyone is dealt with compassion love and kindness.”

Sandy Hook Promise Foundation co-founder Nicole Hockley says the simple act of saying hello can prevent someone from acting out a violent thought.

“You just never know this simple step of reaching out to someone is going to impact their lives and the choices they’re going to make after that,” says Hockley.

Since the program started, SHP has educated more than 3.5 million youths and adults across the country.