Troubleshooters: Robstown Headstone

Posted at 8:10 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:44-04

How long is long enough?
How long should you wait for something you ordered and paid for 2 years ago?
It’s the question at the center of tonight’s Troubleshooters report.
A couple wants closure on a memorial for a loved one.

Bridgette Hale’s mom, Charlotte Carter, passed away in April 2016.
She was interred at Memorial Park in Robstown.
Hale ordered and paid fpr a headstone for her mom’s gravesite from Memorial.
A lasting tribute to her mom.

She paid nearly $1,800.00 for it.
But when she went to see it in January this year, there wasn’t anything there.
She just happened to run into Rey Contreras, who works for Memorial Park, and sold it to her.

Hale recalls the conversation.
“Where’s my mom’s marker ? It’s been 2 years. Where’s her marker ? And he was like off-guard…uh…I’ll check on that first thing. So I called him the next day. He said I’ll get it ordered.”

Hale says she checked on it again in June. Nothing. She called Contreras again.
“Rey, where’s the marker ? Did you get it ordered ? It’s still not there. It’s getting ordered.”

Hale says her husband finally checked on it. Still nothing.
Mrs. Hale had had enough.
“I’ve given you chance after chance. And I’m done,” she recounted.
And that’s when the Hale’s contacted us.

We tried contacting Contreras today. Left a message. Nobody called us back.
“I’m angry. I’m very angry. It hurts. They owe me,” Hale told us.

At 6;45 tonight, Bridgette Hale texted us a picture and a message Rey Contreras sent her.
The message read…From Rey@Memorial Park. Got the memorial order placed and had this temporary memorial placed along with a flower arrangement. Once again my deepest apologies for the delay.
Hale’s response…it is not the real thing that cost me $1,774.00. I am not yet satisfied.