Troubleshooters: Roofing Problems

Posted at 8:26 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:44-04

With all this rain already falling in the Coastal Bend, the last thing anybody needs is a leaky roof.
But tonight a woman tells the Troubleshooters the roofer she hired, and paid a down payment, hasn’t finished what he started.
Now, she claims her partially-done roof…is leaking.

She signed a contract with Phil Perez with Absolute Construction.
“We signed the contract on August 16th, and he didn’t start till, I don’t know, a week later.”
$4800.00 total.
Plus, $1000.00 more to install all new fascia with white paint on all perimeter of the house.
New total…$5800.00.
“He needs to refund me $1000.00 for the fascia board that he never bought and he’s never put on,” Hernandez told us.

She gave Perez a down payment of $2400.00.

The Troubleshooters tried contacting Perez.
He has not returned our call.

Hernandez has lived in this place nearly 50 years.
This is only the second time she’s had to replace the roof.
“And you’re hurt. I’m hurt. Hurt that people would wanna take advantage. That someone would want to take advantage of me.”

One more point to make here.
Look at the contract.
‘I waive the windstorm.’
Hernandez says she signed that because Perez wanted more money to get the roof windstorm certified.
“I just want my roof back on.”