Troubleshooters: Used Car Deal

Posted at 7:07 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:44-04

Terry Grant says she needed transportation, so she went to the local Alfa Romeo-Fiat dealership eleven days ago, and bought a 2007 Ford Taurus.
It had a little less than 98,000 miles on it.
Grant put $500.00 down.
“What’s the interest ?” we asked. “22%. And I was like whoa, that’s a lot. He’s like ‘yeah, but you know, ’cause of your credit,” Grant recalled.
Grant estimates her payments will be $390.00.

Listen to her describe what she saw inside the car.
“It was full of…it was full of a lot of stuff. Like ? Roaches. Bad, bad roaches. Spiders. Everything. You’re telling me when you test drove it and when you drive it off the lot, you saw all these roaches and spiders, and you still took it ? I need a car,” she replied emphatically.

No sooner did Grant start driving it around, she says she heard a sound.
Something just wasn’t right.
So she asked a friend about it.
“And I’m like, well what’s the problem ? And he’s like these cv joints. He’s like it’s dangerous.”
In other words, the car’s not safe to drive, especially with her grandkids in it with her.

Still, Grant was ready to drive it home.
She needed transportation. A car.
“I was like I already gave y’all my $500.00, so I’m taking it today, ’cause they wanted me to let it stay there until Monday. Why ? I don’t know why.”

By the way, Grant says she’s been her paperwork will be in the mail.

We ran the car’s vin number and found there’s a lien on it.
We spoke with dealership general manager Nathan Arn.
He says Grant can bring her car back in and he’ll have it checked out.
And if he can’t fix it, he’ll get her a different one.