Troubleshooters Updates on Catskills Restoration and a Customers’ High Utility Bill

Posted at 7:16 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:44-04

As mentioned on Tuesday’s Troubleshooters, we tried contacting Catskills Restoration again, in reference to our story about another customer complaint.
We spoke with Kevin Mc Coy, who we’re told, was the company’s production manager.
He told us he doesn’t work for Catskills anymore, and hasn’t since earlier this year.

We explained we’ve repeatedly tried contacting him or company president Joe Carter, about complaints we’ve received from 2 of their customers.
Mc Coy didn’t offer any suggestions.

On Tuesday, Frank Harrison, a customer with a complaint, told us he’s contacted an attorney, and that there are others who have as well.

We checked Catskills Restoration’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.
It’s an ‘F’.
Plus, just last month, their accreditation was ‘revoked’ because the company failed to respond to at least one or more customer complaints against it.
We’ll keep following this story

And remember Ramon Beltran’s Troubleshooter story ?
His utility bill went from an average of $125.00 a month to $755.00.
So he called the city.
Then he called us. And we called the city.
Late Friday the city told us their reading showed Beltran was responsible for the high bill.
Beltran didn’t buy that.
So he went to the resolutions department and says he’s been told the city will put in a high water work order. Get a reading and also do a meter locator.
Beltran will have to pay the $60.00 fee for that to be done, but if the city finds the problem is their responsibility, the fee will be waived.