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Frustrated with TWIA? Maybe a Texas Public Adjuster can help

Posted at 3:42 PM, Aug 24, 2018

Home after home, after home, after home, after home, still not completed.. And some houses, construction hasn’t even began.

One of the delays could be contractors. Other reasons include insurance companies and TWIA.

It’s been an absolute nightmare for some homeowners.

Lou Menendez is one of them. His house, the envy of many, sits right on the bay.

But inside is a nightmare. Nothing is done.

“Were livid,” Menendez said. “It’s been a year tomorrow and were still down to the studs in our home. Nothing’s happened … we’ve been thru multiple adjusters with TWIA and every time we try to get some answers they’ll get back to us. Nothing happens.”

Adding to the frustration, Menendez is a general contractor. He finally hired a local public adjuster, who makes a living dealing with the insurance companies and TWIA so others don’t have to.

“If you are still in this condition today, and you are not satisfied with your insurance companies settlement that they have provided for you then pick up the phone and call a Texas licensed public adjuster,” J.L. Evans said.

It could be a very worthwhile call.

After all, who wants to be in this situation, another year from now?