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JJ’s Cafe opens after Harvey forced to close

Posted at 5:53 PM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 21:17:33-04

Gary Billy and his wife opened JJ’s Little Bay Café in Rockport in 2003.

Cooking a variety of foods. American, Mexican, and Chinese.

“Considered all comfort foods, all made from scratch,” says JJ’s Café owner Gary Billy.

The restaurant quickly became the go-to place for locals and tourists.

“Our goal was to get out before 11 so we could come have breakfast at JJs,” says Brittiny.

“On Sundays, we had a 2 to a 3-page wait list,” says Jennifer Jane Billy, also known as JJ.

But after 14 years in business, Harvey hit their town.

“We had just rebuild the roof on the restaurant two weeks before,” says Billy. “$60,000 worth and the whole roof came off in the storm.”

The storm forced them to close.

“It looked like somebody just put a blender inside the restaurant,” says Billy.

The family lost everything, their home, café and RV Park.

“We used our own funds to replace the roof, we really didn’t have anything left,” says Billy.

When all hope seemed lost, an opportunity came up. And JJ’s Café has opened once again, celebrating their 15th year anniversary. The new cafe is located on Colorado Avenue, next to the Walmart.

“The lady that owns the shopping center, she made it affordable for us to come and get started,” says Billy.

Their menu is limited, while the staff continues to train.

“The goal is to have dinner on weekends by Thanksgiving,” says Billy.

But that doesn’t stop locals, the restaurant has been busy every day since they opened their doors again.

“We’re very blessed with the people here,” says Billy.

“We really enjoy seeing old and new faces,” says JJ Billy.

Proof, that together you can surpass any storm.

“It’s good to see my daughter JJ and my wife smile again,” says Billy. “We can see a future.”

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