Woman is cockroach mad at Corpus Christi City officials

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 17:50:05-04

Patricia Polastri is mad. How mad?

Cockroach mad.

She’s taken her case to the city. 

Last month she gave the City Council a bag of dead cockroaches.

"I hope you feel the same repulsiveness we feel," Polastri told council members.

"They felt offended with it. That is what I don’t understand because I bring the product of what they have done to us the neighbors of Ocean Drive," said Polastri.

Polastri lives right across the street from Cole Park. She claims the new vegetation the city planted in the medium is nothing but a breeding ground for her unwanted guests.

"I can tell you this size of the roaches is incredible they are huge. Huge and they fly and they fly against you," said Polastri.

But her outrage boiled over and to prove her point. She showed up at the City Council meeting dressed as a cockroach.

Polastri says she has complained about the problem to city engineers, landscapers and anyone else involved with this.

"I think there is nobody that doesn’t know me at city hall," said Polastri.

"I don’t see any increase in pest control in our area and I don’t see why the city has created the perfect habitat for critters," concluded Polastri.

City officials say they are not planning on making any changes.