Tall grass, pests posing problems for neighbors near Easley Park

Posted at 7:23 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-16 20:23:58-04

In the corner of Staples St. and Annapolis Dr. sits Easley Park.

“It makes the neighborhood look bad,” says Rosie Cuellar.

Rosie Cuellar has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years.

She says the city usually cuts the grass about twice a month, but she has not seen city crews since before last month’s rain.

"So it’s really high, really high,” says Cuellar.

"A lot of the kids would play more in the park but now there in the edges of it and it is a little dangerous,” says neighbor Robert Hand.

The overgrown grass is creating a health concern because the tall grass is a breeding ground for mosquitos and other animals.

"There are snakes, I think there’s got to be snakes everywhere,” says Cuellar.

In some areas of the park, the grass is as tall as a small child.

Neighbors say the un-kept grass is not a problem down the street in Belaire Park, but that’s not all.

The park also has a full playground, a soccer field, and nice picnic tables.

While Easley park has almost nothing.

“There’s not a lot in this particular park, we do have a set of swings, they’re not up-kept very well,” says Hand.

Robert Hand lives in front of the park and says the neighborhood will benefit from new amenities.

“It’d be great to have some disk-golf baskets cause that’s an activity all kids and adults can do,” says Hand.

Updates will not be possible.

City officials say due to recent budget cuts the city can only afford to trim trees and mow the grass.

“If they do something to one park, they need to do something to the other park,” says Hand.

But neighbors say the Easley park was neglected long before budget cuts.

“Since I’ve lived here, it’s kind of gone downhill in their upkeep of this particular park,” says Hand.