Local agencies are out in force for National Disability Voter Registration Week

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-16 16:55:19-04

It’s a big week at the Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living today.

Kathryn Oler from the League of Woman Voters of Corpus Christi is helping people with disabilities to register to vote.

"We have these populations that are here in our city and we want to make sure they have that opportunity to exercise that right to vote," said Oler.

And voting has never been easier.

There are several options for people with disabilities to vote. One, you can request a mail in ballot by phone or on email and secondly, every polling place will have portable voting machines where they will actually come out to your car and allow you to vote.

"There is by law the ability for the voting clerks to bring the machine out to the curbside for them to cast there vote," said Toni Padilla, Director of the Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living. 

So head on down to the center on 7th street. You will be greeted by some very nice ladies. Enjoy a donut and something to drink.

You will learn that voting is now easier than it ever was. It may be your vote that makes the difference

"That is our goal for this week. To increase that educational component as well as the number of people registered to vote," concluded Padilla.

Go to the following link to register to vote:

For more information on the Rev Up Campaign: