First-time homeowner says her dream home is a nightmare

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 19:18:43-04

A first-time homeowner claims her dream home has turned into a nightmare.  After years of hard work Athena Artemchuck and her husband finally purchased what they hoped would be their family home.

"I love the neighborhood, pretty good schools in here and it’s quiet," says homeowner Athena Artemchuck.

But after a few months, with the heavy rains, the flooding began.  And that dream quickly became a nightmare.

“As you can see all other houses are dry, only our house is affected and our neighbor house," says Artemchuck. 

Artemchuck says the problem is the property behind their home when it rains, it floods and the water goes into her property.  According to her neighbor, unfinished construction work unleveled the ground.  The excess flooding is why the previous owners sold the home.

"Last year they got flooded,” says Artemchuck. “So from our back door all the way through the house water was flowing.”

Artemchuck says the previous owners failed to include the flooding in the seller’s disclosure.

"They said no, there are no problems,” says Artemchuck. “That’s why the floors look new, I said maybe they’ve been taken care of pretty good.”

We contacted the listing agent who tells us if the previous owner does not disclose the flooding, there’s almost no way of knowing.

“We’ve been pumping out water, but we never finished that, water is still coming out,” says Artemchuck.

The family has contacted the city, but since it’s a civil issue, there is nothing they can do.  Now she’s hoping the owners of the property behind her home will even out the ground.

“My daughter she’s four years old and it’s unpleasant at this moment to live in this house,” says Artemchuck.

Action 10 News reached out to the development company regarding the flooding issues. We are still waiting for a response.