Tips to keep your dog calm during the fireworks

Posted at 5:01 PM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-04 18:01:06-04

Dogs have emotions and on the 4th of July their emotions are heightened because of the loud noises are something that disturbs them and also the bright lights in the sky startle them as well.

Veterinarian Dr. Floyd Garrett, from PALS no kill animal shelter has been treating dogs for about 50 years.

He says there are ways to keep our dogs calm and safe as fireworks are blasting in the sky.

Dr Garrett says first thing is make sure your dog has identification in case he or she gets scared and runs away.

"Put a collar on it with a tag on it with information on you and the dogs name and where you live, " said Garrett.

Secondly, bring your animals inside. "If they are outside bring em in. Don’t leave them outside with the fireworks," suggests Garrett.

Thirdly,wrap the dog in a blanket or towel.

"I would put the towel around him and use some masking tape or a little blanket like a horse blanket," Garrett said.

Fourthly, put your dog in a room where they cannot see the fireworks.

"Keep them isolated in a room that doesn’t have windows. If you have to put them in the bathroom or someplace like that, that’s PK for an hour or two for all during the fireworks," said Garrett.

And if you have to medicate your dog, a simple antihistamine will do the trick.

"One benadryl is all it needs an hour before the fireworks start," said Garrett.

Hopefully those tips will help you and your dog enjoy the 4th of July.

So tomorrow you wont have to go searching for Fido.