Fourth of July forecast

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jul 03, 2018

Scattered rain is forecast to be in the region for the afternoon and evening on the Fourth of July. It won’t be a washout, but some folks may have to deal with some rain during their festivities.

Fourth of July

Unfortunately, Wednesday afternoon and evening are likely to bring scattered showers and storms to the area. The exact place and time of the rain cannot be determined until the rain actually begins to set up. What can be said is that there is a decent chance of rain especially for areas north and northeast of Corpus Christi.

Rainfall looks very likely if you’re heading to the upper-Texas coastline or southeast Texas near Houston. As for the Coastal Bend, scattered rain is expected especially late Wednesday through early Thursday. This could make for wet holiday festivities and a damp fireworks display.

Canceling or changing plans will more than likely be a game-time decision, as the probability of rain will be highly dependent upon where the rain sets up. The rain associated with the approaching weather system has tended to pulse up and then pulse back down. It will just depend on how robust the shower and thunderstorm activity is when it rolls into the Coastal Bend.

Bottom Line for the Fourth:

There are likely to be at least a few areas that see no rain, allowing plans to proceed without any issues. However, when deciding on whether to keep or cancel your plans, keep in mind that while rain in any given location cannot be determined ahead of time, the chance of rain for the area as a whole is increasing and scattered rain is likely.

The rest of the week

The weather conditions will remain favorable for rain even after the Fourth. However, most of the rain will form during the afternoon with the afternoon heating and the sea breeze. It will still be scattered in nature but will not likely bring as much rain as what we have the potential to see overnight on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.