Are fireworks allowed within Corpus Christi city limits?

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 18:40:00-04

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. It is legal to set off fireworks in some areas of the county, but it is illegal to set off fireworks inside the Corpus Christi city limits.

We went over to Mr. W Fireworks and spoke with Joe Perez, who operates three fireworks stands, and asked him how many Corpus Christi residents purchase fireworks from him?

"Yes, we do a lot of Corpus Christi business," said Perez. So there’s a fair amount of Corpus Christi residents buying fireworks? Is that safe to say? "Oh yes very fair," Perez added.

Even childish poppers and sparklers are illegal in the city limits.

Not to mention the big boy toys, with warning labels on the side.

Perez says this is what people come to buy, "on the 4th of July, each transaction your looking about 80-100 bucks."

So if you are dying for some fireworks tomorrow night, CCPD’S Lt. Hooper has an excellent suggestion, "best advice I can give you is there are so many shows available. You’ve got the big one downtown. You’ve got the one on the Island. There’s more than enough firework shows put on that are legal and safe and coordinated events. Just enjoy those instead of making  a mess in your neighborhood."

If anyone is setting off fireworks illegally…you can report them.   Don’t call 911.  Instead call 886-2677.