Local kids need your help to go to camp

Posted at 4:22 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 15:25:24-04

It was a dream of Howard Butt and his wife, so they acquired over 1,900 acres in the hill country on the Frio river. It’s called the HEB Butt Foundation Camp.

The Neighborhood Centers of Corpus Christi caught the eye of the HEB Camp and they invited the kids  back in 1954. Kids have been going to he camp every year since.

Cesar Flores is the executive director of the Molina Neighborhood Center. This will be his 41st year at the camp.

"We have some basic elements that we teach up there. A lot of youth leadership. We have moral building. We have character building . But we also have a Christian Fellowship."

And the kids love going there

Marcus Campos is 13 years old, he went last year. "the best part about it was after the hike we went to the lake and went swimming and stuff like that it was really fun," said Campos.

Anabel Flores is 9, she’s been going for 5 years.

"We go swimming and play arts and crafts, and we have a (bon) fire," said Flores.

Emily Flores is 7 she’s been going to the camp since she was 2.

"We do arts and crafts sometimes we make necklaces and bracelets," said Emily.

Safe to say the kids are impressed with the camp, and the camp is equally impressed with the kids from Corpus Christi.

The kids are featured in the camps promotional video.

Rudy Sosa is the former director of the Neighborhood Center of Corpus Christi, "it just opens their minds. A lot of them have never been out of Corpus. They need this type of exposure. They need to get out of their environment, to see more beautiful things those things God has created," said Sosa.

The cost of the camp is $90.00 

If you are interested in donating or sponsoring a child, the website is: