How to get rid of mosquitoes organically

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 18:40:05-04

We went to Gills Nursery to talk with owner James Gill…about mosquitoes.

How do we get rid of mosquitoes? That’s the question we asked James Gill from Gill’s nursery.

"The best way is to spray them. But some people want to go the organic way," said Gill.

Gill showed us some plants we can have around our home that may help get rid of the pests.

"This is spicy basil and I think its probably going to work better as a repellant very appealing fragrance," said Gill.

What about rosemary?

"It has very strong pungent oils that it uses to keep other insects from eating it. And it will repel mosquitoes but only if you release those oils," said Gill.

"This is lemongrass.  This is from Asia. It is the source of citronella oil. You can cut off stems break em up crush em and that’s how you get the oil out so it will help chase mosquitoes away," Gill added.

And if you are not into the organic stuff, Gill says a product called Cyonara will kill those pesky insects.

For more organic ways to fight mosquitoes: