Elderly man claims landscaping company took his money without finishing the job

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 18:35:47-04

A man in Lamar says he’s been ripped off by a landscaping company and now wants to warn others.

Gary Stone says he just wanted to beautify his yard, change the grass and even add some flowers.

So when two people claiming to be husband and wife approached him in May regarding landscape services, he took an interest.

He was given a total of three business cards; Paradise Landscaping, Eutopia Landscaping and Landscape Service.

Stone says the offer seemed legitimate, he was given a statement detailing the work and cost, and one of them even left a copy of their drivers license.

So, he hired them.

As requested by the solicitors, he gave a payment of more than a thousand dollars.

Stone says workers showed up for two days, tore up his garden, but never finished the work.  

And they have not returned his phone calls.

Stone says his mistake was paying before the job was complete.

After contacting the Sheriff’s office, he believes the contractors knew what they were doing.

“If they come out and do any work, then it’s no longer a criminal issue, it goes to civil, and then trying to find and serve people to recover your money becomes very difficult,” says Gary Stone.

We googled these companies, but they do not exist.

What we did find was a Facebook post dating back to 2015 where Paradise Landscaping was accused of doing the same thing on a different job.

Stone says he has filed a civil lawsuit against the company.