Elevated rain chances through Thursday

Posted at 7:30 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 20:30:06-04

The tropical wave that is responsible for our heightened rain chances is moving through the area, and it’s forecast to linger in South Texas through Thursday. This will keep rain chances elevated through that time.

Tuesday: Heavy rain possible

Tropical waves have the tendency to see large increases in shower and thunderstorm activity in the early morning hours. Since our rain-maker is a tropical wave, we’ll have to watch for a burst of heavy rain on Tuesday morning.

During the afternoon, expect to see scattered shower activity throughout the region. We are more likely to see breaks in the rain, as opposed to rain all day long since this tropical wave is not an organized tropical system.

Rainfall totals will be patchy again with some folks seeing a lot and others seeing little to none. The heaviest of totals will set up where storms train over the same areas time and time again. Unfortunately, those areas can’t be determined this far in advance. However, as long as the rain isn’t falling too fast in too short a period of time, flooding should be kept at a minimum.

We’ll see highs only in the upper 80s as the rain and clouds keep things a little cooler.

Wednesday: More rain possible

More showers are expected to be scattered around the area on Wednesday as well. Once again, heavy rain is possible with these showers and storms, and if it falls on areas that have already seen copious amounts of rain, flooding could be an issue. Just be sure to stay weather aware if you are in a flood-prone area or drive on flood-prone streets.

Thursday: Coverage starts to decrease, but still scattered showers

The tropical wave will finally begin moving out of the area on Thursday, but since it’s moving so slow, a decent chance of rain will still exist for Thursday. That said, the activity will likely be a little more widely separated.

By Friday we bid the tropical wave farewell, but we still have plenty of chances for rain before that happens. Expect totals between 2 – 6 inches for the coastal counties, with isolated spots of more than that. Further inland, and especially west of Corpus Christi, the totals will be much lower, likely below 1-2 inches.

Stay with Action 10 as we go throughout the next few days for the latest on the weather forecast.