City Utility Billing Office offers help to customers with delinquent accounts

Posted at 4:18 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 17:18:25-04

Months following the online portal software transition, the City could shut off over 17,000 customers utilities for past due accounts.

In December, the Utility Billing Office upgraded the online billing and payment software but there were delays in completing the transition until mid-January.  Customers were encouraged to pay by mail or H-E-B to avoid being past due.

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The City then put out a notice in April that they would allow customers until Friday, May 4, to pay any outstanding utility bills without penalty.

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A few weeks ago, after the new billing software has been up and running, the city began sending out delinquent notices to customers who had fallen behind on their bills.

Today was the deadline before those customer’s utilities were shut off, but the city says they are willing to work with residents to avoid service interruptions.

“We’re not here to work against the customer,” said Margaret Morin with the Utility Billing Office. “We’re here to work with the customer. If they make a payment, just give your name and number and they’ll take your account. Your account won’t be shut off, and then between now and next Monday, return to sign the paperwork.”

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