Garcia Center offers kids an fun and unique learning experience

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 18:45:11-04

Parents, did you know there are many low cost programs that can help your child in academic areas, while still having the fun elements of a summer camp?

The Garcia Center on  2021 Agnes Street offers programs related to family support at low or no cost to community members.

One program that helps kids develop skills is the  Summertime VIK camp,  or  Very Important Kids  Camp.

The camp focuses on visual arts, performing arts, and reading for children ages 6-12.

Summer camps supplement a child’s education. One of the reasons kids thrive in environments like this is because it’s a lot less threatening and they have a lot more fun.

Helena Kobylarz, loves the camp, "my grand daughter has been in this program for 2 weeks and absolutely loves it she thrives. After 9 hours here she still comes home and cannot talk enough about the reading program. She’s thriving."

Today the kids are putting on a play as part of the performing arts curriculum, in front of their parents.

Samia Bechara Balfreeyman who has two boys in the program is happy her kids are participating, "the kids come back to the house enjoying it. Telling me about it more that telling me about school."

Willow Korland sums up today in three words, "art, drama, friends."

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