Rain chances on the rise through the weekend

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 18:57:32-04

It’s been dry lately, but rain chances are coming back into the forecast as tropical moisture moves in from the Gulf this weekend.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and warm

Tuesday will be another warm and mostly sunny day after some morning clouds burn away. The winds will continue to be strong just as they were on Monday, but the breeze will scale back to normal levels by mid-week.

We still have a lot of moisture in the air, but showers don’t look to make an appearance on the radar until Wednesday.

Wednesday: A couple of sea breeze showers

Wednesday will be very similar to Tuesday, but the winds will die down a little bit. As the sea breeze moves through, we may see a few showers pop up and move inland. However, rain chances will still be on the low end.

Rain chances increasing 

As we get into Thursday, Friday and the weekend, a surge of tropical moisture will move into the western Gulf and eventually South Texas. This will result in heightened rain chances – something that we desperately need. 

While there is a slight chance of seeing this tropical moisture organize into a tropical cyclone, the odds are not in its favor. It will be very important to keep tabs on this situation as we go throughout the rest of the week.