Roofing contractor claims he will still make good to Coastal Bend residents

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jun 04, 2018

"I have done this for a decade without any kind of issues. I have lived 31 years of my life without, with a squeaky clean record. And then I get marched in front of the public." Those are the words of roofing contractor Skylar Buras

Buras, who was arrested last week in San Antonio, spent two nights in jail, bonded out, and is now at his home in Dallas.

Buras was arrested on 4 felony counts on roofing jobs in Bexar County.

Buras adds that the San Antonio police lured him into an interview. He said he thought it was more of a question and answer period, but that’s when the police slapped on the cuffs.

"It was in that interview that the detective informed me that there were warrants and I was going to jail," said Buras.

There are about a dozen unhappy customers, here in the Coastal Bend who claim Buras has taken money and not performed.

Buras was supposed to be in town late last week, but his arrest obviously canceled his plans.

Buras still claims he is coming down and will take care of everyone,  but doesn’t know when.

"There are things in the works right now to get money to get people paid back or get jobs put on. With a one man process, it’s a little slower than I would like to be," concluded Buras.

Buras claims to have collected $78,000 from local residents for roofing damages caused by Hurricane Harvey.