Police search property for bodies at Massachusetts home

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 21:58:17-04

A quiet neighborhood in Springfield, Massachusetts has been transformed into a bustling crime scene after police arrested a man for kidnapping and then found three bodies on the property where he lived.   

Police are using ground penetrating radar to search this property in Springfield, Massachusetts where so far investigators have found three bodies.

"With that technology we were able to pinpoint some areas of interest and we are exploring that by hand and very carefully," said Anthony Gulluni, Hampden District Attorney

40-year-old Stewart Weldon lived at the home.  

He was arrested Sunday after a car chase ended in a crash and a fight with officers.

According to the police report, a woman in the car told officers that Weldon " had been holding her captive for a month.   Adding that he sexually assaulted her and beat her with a hammer.  The unidentified woman was taken to the hospital with injuries described as "grotesque and violent."

Police were led to the suspect’s home after his arrest.

The primary focus is on the property as you can tell and we will build a case around that.

Many neighbors say Weldon was quiet and kept to himself.   One woman I spoke to was shocked to see that he was in trouble and that his home is a crime scene.

"Definitely it is not something that I would come to expect to find out that across the street from my parents’ house there’s pretty much going to be a miniature cemetery," said Springfield Resident, Stephanie Serrano.

Weldon is charged with kidnapping, torturing, and sexually assaulting the woman in the car with him.   So far charges have not been filed in connection to the bodies.

Before being transported to the hospital, the woman told police "Thanks you guys for saving my life, I didn’t think i was ever going to get away."