Homeowner says landscaper pocketed money and never finished the job

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 19:22:59-04

The Sanchez house is in a very nice neighborhood and people take pride in their homes.  Well, the Sanchez’ wanted their landscape to look like their neighbors, so they hired Christina Sanchez, who has done work for the Sanchez’ before.

"They did some work for us trimming trees and they did awesome work," said homeowner Rosendo Sanchez.

So they gave Christina Sanchez a check for $1100 to get started.  She and her crew came over and removed some of the sod to get ready for the plants and brick.

"She had gotten a real good deal on brick and that she could get it right away and if we didn’t pay for it now that we might lose the deal," said Rosendo Sanchez.

But, Rosendo Sanchez said she never paid for the brick and pocketed the $1,500.  So, with no brick and no plants, Rosendo Sanchez kept calling Christina Sanchez, to no avail.

"We called Christina, I don’t know how many times, and then I guess she recognized our number and would not return our calls," said Rosendo Sanchez.

All in all Rosendo Sanchez said he gave Christina Sanchez $3,700.  I tried to call Christina Sanchez myself, but she was unavailable. 

 But when I got back to the station, I did a little research on Cristina Sanchez and found she was no stranger to Action 10 News.  Christina Sanchez has been on the Trouble Shooters twice before. One family says they gave Christina Sanchez $1,000 to cut down a tree.

Another family paid money to have brush removed.