Homeowner hires buddy to repair home- ends in disaster

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 19:32:17-04

Andrew Kelley’s home was damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

He negotiated a deal with a friend. Someone he knew and thought he could trust to do the work.

The contractor is Brian Clark from Brian Clark Construction. 

"I gave him $3,250 cash. And then we negotiated price for $2,000 worth of tools. That are actually closer to $8,000. And then I put in about $6,100 into a Lowes accounts receivable.

But Kelley says the work was slow and sporadic.

"I never got a full crew over here. I’d get one or two guys," said Kelley.

And the final straw came when Kelley wanted to purchase something on his Lowes account and says there was no money.

Where did the money go? "I don’t know..he used it to to buy materials for another site he was working  and he never showed back up," said Kelley.

So gone is the money and the tools. According to Kelley about $11,350 worth.

Kelley does say about $2,000 in labor was performed by Clark Construction.

But most of the work remains unfinished.

"My house is undone, and I’m worried about when it rains storm again and when hurricane season coming up so I’m worried about my house coming apart," said Kelley.

 A call to Clark went unanswered then he called Action 10 News back and had no comment.