Cullen Middle School closes doors permanently

Posted at 6:22 PM, May 30, 2018

Wednesday was the last day of school for CCISD, and one school will not be re-opening its doors again. Beginning in August, Cullen Middle School students will attend Haas Middle School. Cullen Middle School is scheduled to be torn down during the summer. 

Cullen Middle School first opened its doors in 1959. Now, roughly 450 students and staff are preparing for a new school year, a new beginning and with new friends.

Several years ago, the district noticed a need to provide a safer space for students. 

"The building is showing its age," said Cullen Middle School Principal, George Lerma, "The open-concept is no longer safe for kids because of the security concerns that we have these days."

Now, consolidation costs are being paid through a bond approved by voters in 2016. 

Meanwhile, Haas Middle School has made additions to make room for several hundred Cullen Middle School students and staff. The school built a new wing, adding on about 19 spaces, including updated computer and science labs, new art rooms and a new band hall.

It is unknown exactly when Cullen Middle School will be torn down.