Rockport homeowner disappointed with slow moving contractor

Posted at 6:50 PM, May 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 19:50:06-04

The Sullivans have lived in their home for about 20 years.  It is right on St. Charles Bay.

But like so many homes in Rockport,it suffered major damage; therefore a major rebuild.

"We gutted the entire house down to the studs, the insulation, everything was gone and were building it back from there," said homeowner John Sullivan.

They hired a contractor named Robert Morlan, from Morlan Contracting.

"He started the work in early January. Worked fairly diligently during January and February, up until about the middle of March," said Sullivan.

Then, according to Sullivan, the work was slow and communication was nonexistent.

So, you think he’s ignoring you?

"Yes," said Sullivan.

"So, how much have you paid him altogether?" 

"$105,000" answered Sullivan.

So i decided to call Robert Morlan. 

Dr. Brad: Hi is this Robert Morlan?

Morlan: "yes"

Dr. Brad: They are telling me that you have not finished their house.

Morlan: "yep"

Dr. Brad: you’ve done about $80,000 worth of work,and he’s paid you about  $105,000. Is that correct?

Morlan: "and he’s not adding in the metal roof that I did in the back. He’s not adding in any of the change orders. He’s going off the original bid. "

John Sullivan: "That is incorrect Robert."

So I asked Morlan if he would give the Sullivan’s back 25 grand or finish the job.

Morlan: "We’re willing to finish the job." 

Dr Brad: OK at what.. Give me a date and I’m going to put this on the air.. Give me  date where you are going to lock stock and barrel. Finish the job. July 1?

Morlan: hang up