Hot, Dry, and Sunny Memorial Day Weekend

Posted at 9:09 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 22:09:15-04

Drier conditions are expected Saturday through the beginning of next week. With these drier atmospheric conditions, we will also see very warm afternoon highs. In the next few days we will likely see heat index values over 100 degrees.

If you’re planning a beach trip this holiday weekend, be aware that will be an increased risk of dangerous rip currents in our area beaches through Memorial day and into mid-week next week. Remember, if you’re caught in a current, don’t fight against it. Instead, swim parallel to the shore, wave and yell for help. Fighting a rip current is often times fruitless and will only wear you out. 

Tonight will be humid and warm. Fog may develop inland. Calm conditions are expected tonight. Low of 72 degrees.

Friday will be calm and cloudy in the morning. By afternoon we will see clear skies and heat index values in the 100s. SSE winds less than 15 MPH. High of 94 degrees. 

Friday night will be mostly clear and tranquil. Patchy fog possible inland. Low of 72 degrees.

Saturday will be sunny, drier and even hotter. Light winds SSE up to 15 MPH. Heat index values will reach the 100s across the region. High of 95 degrees. 

Saturday night mostly clear humid and tranquil. Low of 72 degrees.

Temperatures will continue to inch closer to the 100 degree mark on Sunday. Mostly clear with light SSE winds less than 15 MPH. High of 96 degrees.

Memorial Day Monday will feature light winds and clear skies as well. High of 97 degrees.