Another homeowner says he was scammed Contractor says, not so fast

Posted at 6:45 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 19:45:17-04

John Smith lives in a nice neighborhood and he has a nice house.

You wouldn’t know there was any damage from Hurricane Harvey till you got to the back.

Smith said that Skylar Buras Construction was Johnny on the spot, "they contacted me about a week or two after the hurricane," said Smith.

By this time Smith was in contact with his insurance company, he gave Buras Construction a check.  And was told the project would be complete in 3 weeks.

So you thought that by the end of September you would be Rockin and Rolling? "Of course,: said Smith. And how much did you give him? "21 thousand 947 dollars," Smith concluded.

Well, Smith has been waiting for over 8 months to get his roof fixed. And Smith doesn’t have a lot of confidence  Buras will fix it. Do you think your roof will ever get done by Buras construction? "Absolutely not," said Smith. And will never get a refund? "Absolutely not," Smith added.

I spoke with Buras today, and he says he has been busy trying to get his Corpus Christi clients roofs rectified.

"Most of the rest of them in Corpus Christi, I’ve even got a deal in place to have their roof replaced or to schedule out refunds," Buras said.

Buras also even told be he would send me a list of the status of each home owner. By late this afternoon.

He did and is trying to work everything out and will be here next week to visit with each. As far as Smith’s house is concerned, Buras said the roofing is rare and hard to get. It was ordered, stored and returned, Therefore, a refund isn’t as easy as it seems, there are storing and restocking fees that have to be worked out. Also a tarp was put in place by one of his workers.