Posted at 7:45 PM, May 23, 2018
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As of 6pm Monday, DISH Network stopped televising KZTV for its subscribers.
The reason? Well, it comes down to language in a contract that wasn’t in previous contracts, and is not an industry-accepted practice. 
But it’s impacting not only an estimated ten per cent of the Corpus Christi market, .but 9 other tv markets nationwide.
And it’s not going over well with viewers who watch this station.

The lady on TV put the DISH spin on this story.
"The broadcasters think they can hold local channels hostage to get higher rates on unrelated channels you may not even want." 
But once DISH stopped broadcasting KZTV 6 p.m. Monday night, Ejohn Guillory got on the phone with them.
"They said it’s them doing it.  Wanting more money and all this.  Well, I talked to your boss last night, and he says ‘we haven’t even gotten to the money discussion yet."

Just like Mrs. Guillory, John Klein lives in Rockport.
He told us he wasn’t too happy with DISH last night when their decision meant he couldn’t see the season finale of NCIS.  It’s one of his favorite tv shows.
"There’s 3 entities in this thing.  It’s dish, and TV, and us.  We use this for a lot of our entertainment at night, and part of it is gone.  And we watch Channel 10 fairly often."

And we appreciate it Mr. Klein.
He and his wife have been living in a rental property since Hurricane Harvey blew thru the Coastal Bend.
And now this.

Mrs. Guillory says DISH has given her a discount.
"And then they said, we’ll we’re gonna give you a $5.00 discount because you’re not getting your channels.  Well whoop-di-do.  What’s $5.00 gonna help me with ?  That means my payment will be $203.00 next month.  My goodness."

Nobody knows how long this will last.  But KZTV is willing to negotiate.

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