National piercing day at Flow Style Ink

Posted at 10:52 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 23:52:55-04

A local tattoo shop in Corpus Christi decided to celebrate National Piercing Day with a dollar piercings. Before the business even opened its doors at 4pm, there was a line around the building. People were eager to take advantage of the low-priced service; but in addition to that, owner Raul Flores, says his staff has a lot to do with the shops popularity. 

 "I think it’s the customer service, you know paying attention to everybody and looking out for their needs. That’s the main thing and actually doing what they want, not what the artist wants. You know what I mean? It’s great," Flores told KZTV. 

Once doors opened, hundreds of people happily made their way inside. They were met with the Flow Style staff who was sure to get all necessary paperwork and documentation in order before any piercing took place.  

 "I said "alright let’s go". You need someone to hold that hand so I’m that person and we’re here; might as well get it pierced because I’ve been wanting it for a while, so I’m excited," student and piercing enthusiast, Whitney Leseure told KZTV.  

Two experts on either side of the shop worked quickly without sacrificing efficiency. 

Flow Style Ink is known to cater to people on a budget, they do 5 dollar piercings on normal Wednesdays.