Miller High adds state of the art meeting room

Posted at 5:47 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 18:47:40-04

Miller football coach Justen Evans knew he had his hands full when he took the program about a year ago…

He knew the Buc football program needed a lot of things; and facilities was one of them.

"If you are ever going to have a winning program you have to have pride…so when our kids come in here now they see pride they see all the wonderful things that this room has to offer," said Evans.

Evans adds that the room fills many purposes and is pretty high tech..

A drop down screen, projector, even some nice art work by one of the coaches at the school who paints.

But the room isn’t for the football team only, it’s a great place for the entire athletic program and a Godsend to the girls volleyball team.

Volleyball coach, Irene Carrol said, :on the girls side, we haven’t really had a lot of places for  us to go. So we’ve met in the gym, on the bleachers, its easy for our kids to get distracted.So again to have a centralized place where we can review film have team meeting teams."

And the best part about this room? All the work was done by the coaches at no cost to the school or tax payers.

"We were able to do this fully funded with us  coaches did the leg work and we painted ….We did the legwork our self and it makes you more appreciative when you do that," said Evans.