Man feels cheated by dating service, found love through TV

Posted at 8:35 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 21:35:33-04

Love can it ever be explained? Maybe not, but that doesn’t stop us from searching for it.   One local man, Drew Stevens,  whom we did a story on a few months back has searched in vain.  
Man feels cheated by dating service
"I’ve been on Zoosk Match E-Harmony Plenty of Fish Tender I’ve tried them all Corpus Christi Match Makers," said Drew.

In our story we even put out the offer that Drew was available.  Well, someone saw our story. Then contacted a friend and that night Drew got a text on his phone.

"I got a message from a gal who said that her niece had seen the broadcast and that we would make a good couple," said Stevens.

So that Friday, Jen, who lives near Houston, came to Corpus Christi to meet Drew.

"Did you ever think that you would ever do something like this in your life?" I asked. Jen answered, "never.. ever ever.." "Were you looking for a boyfriend?" I asked. Jen answered, "No sir, I was not and all of the sudden it just hit you right in the face. Yes sir."

Well, Jen fell  head over heels with Drew and a week after meeting Drew,  Jen moved in.

"So you meet this girl and you’ve known her for seven days and she’s moving in?" I asked Drew. He replied, "And she’s moving in. Yep. And you’ve never  looked back. Still in the honeymoon and I expect that honeymoon to last a long time.

And it appeared that Jen was having the time of her life as well.

"So your happy?" I asked. I am very happy. "You met the man of your dreams?" "Yes sir," replied Jen. 

"So, this guy is a match made in heaven huh?" I asked. Jen said "yes definitely."

Well, the match made in heaven, after about 3 weeks together hit rocky ground and Jen moved out.  She stayed in a nearby hotel and Drew put her belongings in the back of a pickup truck.

"Drew how you feeling right now?" I asked. He responded, "A bit shell shocked." I asked, "So what’s next?."  He said, "I  don’t know, for some reason this has worked out the way it has, and I I just don’t know what God has in store next."