Superintendent arrested for defecating on another school’s property

Posted at 11:00 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 00:00:33-04

Holmdel isn’t even in this superintendent’s school district- but authorities say the suspect was coming here to jog almost every morning- and regularly leaving an unsanitary mess for the rival school 

"Drone Force 2" flying high above the track and field at Holmdel High School but it’s what was on the ground that has many concerned.. and flat out, repulsed.

"It’s just disgusting, I can’t even find the words. Terrible," said Homedale parent, Michelle Steel, "It’s unsanitary."

Holmdel Police say school staff and coaches were finding human feces on or near the track on a daily basis and on Monday, they caught this man in act 42-year-old Thomas Tramaglini, the superintendent of the Kenilworth public schools 

"Wow, I thought that was someone at our school. That’s what was going around," said John Rappa, a junior at school.

"It’s just so messed up on every single level," said sophomore, Victor Waldika.

Tramaglini works 20 minutes away but only lives about 3 miles from this school.  Police say he was running on the track around 6 in the morning, before he was arrested for defecating on the property.

"Just makes no sense that someone would want to do that," said sophomore, Ian Flanagan.

Many parents and students finding out the news today are still wondering why he would do this.

"We don’t have any like, school rivalry or anything," said sophomore, Brendon Erickson.

Tramaglini has also been charged with lewdness and littering.  He’s due back in court on Monday morning.

He has taken a paid leave of absence from his position, according to the Kenilworth Board of Education and the  Director of Academics will assume the superintendents responsibilities immediately.