Another unhappy roofing customer- family returns to a mold infested house

Posted at 5:35 PM, Apr 27, 2018

The house of Michael and Joyce Hernandez was damaged by hurricane harvey and was in need of repair.

To make matters worse, water was getting inside the house.

Joyce didn’t know who to call, then she found Roofpro on Craigslist.

My understanding is that they were going to cover everything that was damaged as well as put our house to the way it was or better than what it was prior to the hurricane, said Joyce Hernandez.

TWIA gave the family 6 months rent money to relocate while their house was being repaired by Roofpro.

The company  put a tarp on the roof they said they would make all these repairs, the Hernandez family left for 6 months. How much work was done? Hernandez said " none it sat here empty for 6 months there was no work that was done.

So needless to say when the Hernandez returned home matters weren’t better, they were worse.

The water had drenched the drywall and the house was infested with mold.

Joyce can only speculate that since Roofpro hadn’t received the insurance money, no work was done.

Is it safe to say since their is no money coming in for insurance money, then bye bye Roofpro? "Yes that’s correct," Hernandez said. She continued, "that’s how I took it,  that they are just waiting, if they are going to it (the insurance money)  the max on the claim and cash out and leave; and we are not going to see them, and that’s what I am worried about. And meantime, we are having to do all the repairs on our own, and they have been no help."