Seafood Wars at the Texas State Aquarium

Posted at 10:03 PM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 23:03:10-04

The Texas State Aquarium has always been passionate about preservation and conservation, including whatever is on your dinner plate.

Seafood Wars is a friendly competition between 3 local chefs using a locally sourced ingredient from the Gulf of Mexico. So tonight, chef Juan Sanchez, representing Groomer’s Seafood, chef Ruben Arriaga from Doc’s and Paige Porter of the Veranda Restaurant each created a dish using blue crab. 

With over 140 tickets sold to the event, the goal is not only to serve yummy food; but to emphasize the importance of buying domestic gulf seafood as it helps support our local fishing communities as well as the economy of the Gulf. 

"Seafood is our back yard, it’s what makes the neighborhoods work and it’s the community our fishermen live in," Ric Groomer said of the event’s importance. 

Chef Juan Sanchez, received the winning number of votes with his blue crab taco and mango salsa.

The next Seafood War is set for July 24th, you can visit for more information.