Local students walk out to show support against violence in our nation’s schools

Posted at 6:05 PM, Apr 20, 2018

Students from around the Coastal Bend took time out of their school day  to send a message.

A message they hope rings loud and clear.

"From all these school shootings that’s been going on in the news, I’m really scared of going to school. I feel  like one day this could happen at Moody High School or any school. Like were just like so nervous about this that enough is enough already,"said Moody High’s Noe Ortiz. 

Over 500 students at Moody took part in today’s walk out.

The kids specifically remembered the 13 killed in Columbine in 1999.

Armon Alex is thankful nothing like that has happened here in Corpus Christi, but says there is a lot more work that needs to be done, "speaking up about how you feel, about certain  topics is probably one of the best things were given as a right. We live in a nation where we are able to speak what we think. So something like this, in order to get momentum, is to be still pushed through word of mouth still pushed through your own voice."

Fabian Ortiz says the issue is also a cultural one and the solution starts with people treating each other better, "give someone a hug every now and again. Tell someone hey how ya doing. Take em out to lunch. Have a nice day with people. We don’t do that much anymore and it kind of saddens me that we don’t."

Ray High had a similar walkout, the message was much the same-use your voice to make change.

Daya Butler said, "well we are out here to support safety within our schools and most important what we are trying to do is to get solidarity for students throughout the nation."