Crews spend hours putting out Sinton wild fire

Posted at 9:53 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 22:53:04-04

It took fire crews from eight cities to help extinguish a brush fire in Sinton off of CR 1945 Thursday.  Crews from Rockport, Beeville, Skidmore, Gregory, Ingleside, Sinton, Odem and Taft combined efforts and equipment to put the fire out that began around noon.  

According to San Patricio County Fire Marshal, Steven Loving, the high winds and low humidity were factors in the persistent blaze that spread rapidly according to officials. It took crews several hours for firefighters to put out the wildfire, they continued extinguishing until sundown. 

Though the area was dominantly wildlife, there were homes tucked randomly into the area.  Because priority was to prevent the fire from reaching homes, this made it difficult for fire crews to put out the fire quickly having to refocus efforts periodically. 

The fire may have started at a home where possibly someone was trying to dispose of tree limbs.   Investigations continue into what may have started it.  Steven Loving says Sinton crews will more than likely check on the site continuously to make sure that hotspots do not flare up due to the wind shifts.

Loving stated that the recent rains have caused a lot of vegetation and foliage growth and when left unchecked becomes a fire hazard.  He advises property owners to maintain their property.

"Make the effort to clear their properties, keep them clean of debris, limbs, excess vegetations so that the spread of fire is lessened by the fact that the properties are maintained properly," said Loving.

No one was hurt however one firefighter did become overheated.  He was treated by medical services and was able to remain on site.