“Dragon Breath” snack growing in popularity

Posted at 9:54 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 22:54:37-04

If you’ve ever wanted to breathe out smoke like a dragon, now you can while eating the latest food trend to sweep the nation.     

"I’ve been by this several times and when i tried it it was so different, so unique, the breath came out of your nose and mouth!" 

With roots in California, Dragon Breath is now open in the Haywood Mall in Greenville and the Westgate Mall in Spartanburg serving fruity cereal soaked in liquid nitrogen.

"I was trying to blow it out of my ears but i couldn’t do it!"

Here’s how it works balls of cereal are infused with the liquid nitrogen after it has evaporated you’re left with a very cold treat so cold it’s steaming.

Dip it in your flavor of choice and exhale slowly.

"Like a sudden rush because of the liquid nitrogen but it cooled down really quickly."

"Breathe the smoke out. Don’t breathe it in."

We checked in with Dr. Justin Moll at Parkside Pediatrics to explain how it’s safe to eat.

"You have this gentle layer of gas this protective layer of gas that when the liquid nitrogen comes into contact with your warm skin that contrast of temperatures actually protects the skin," said Dr. Justin Moll.

The only possible danger he says is touching the liquid nitrogen before it evaporates. So leave the prep to the professionals.

"It sounds fun and safe and I would have my kids try it for the wow factor. The most important thing is you’re not trying to do this at home. If I was the one creating the liquid nitrogen snack I’d actually be more worried than trusting the branded professionals."