Increasing Temperatures and Plenty of Wind in the Short-Term Forecast

Posted at 8:26 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 21:26:18-04

Expect increasing temperatures and cloud coverage by mid-week. Isolated showers and storms will be possible on Thursday and Friday. Our next front will arrive Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Rain chances will be higher as the front moves through. Breezy/windy conditions will be possible on Tuesday and again on Friday

Tonight will be mostly clear and cool. Breezy overnight conditions are expected for Corpus Christi. Tonight will not be as chilly as previous nights. Low of 83 degrees. 

Tuesday will be yet another dry and windy day. Expect lower than usual humidity and SSE winds 10-30 MPH. Skies will be mostly clear to partly cloudy. High of 84 degrees.

Tuesday night will be breezy and significantly milder. SSE winds 15-25 MPH. Mostly clear to partly cloudy. Humidity will be on the increase into Wednesday morning. Low of 68 degrees.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny and less windy. SSE 5-20 MPH. High of 84 degrees.

Wednesday night will be partly cloudy and humid. ESE winds 5-15 MPH. Low of 68 degrees.