Rebuild Texas has given $2.1MIL to Rockport so far

Posted at 7:27 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 20:27:23-04

George Strait held a benefit concert raising $40 million dollars for relief efforts and Rockport residents have been wondering where the money is going. 

The Foundation is responsible for distributing some of $40 million raised.  Not all of the money went to the Foundation though.

About $4.3 million has been distributed to 21 different projects throughout the Coastal Bend.

About $2.1 million went to Rockport for community and economic development helping small businesses, education, child care, and promoting tourism.

"We’ve invested in Rockport more than any other region. A., because we’ve got high profile donors, like George Strait that have contributed. But B., that’s where Hurricane Harvey made landfall," stated Neeraj Aggarwal, Lead of the Rebuild Texas Fund, "But the other part is that Rockport has been exceptionally well prepared. They’re proactive, they tell us, hey, this is what we need."

The Foundation has also given $921,000 dollars to Port Aransas and it has spent  $1.3 million on other projects in the region. 

Coastal Bend communities could still have access to an additional $7.8 million dollars allocated to Harvey relief.