Clean boats to help prevent zebra mussels infestation

Posted at 7:08 PM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 20:08:12-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Today the City of Corpus Christi’s Marina Division and Utilities Department held a public demonstration for boaters to emphasize the importance of keeping our area lakes free of zebra mussels.

This species of shellfish first appeared in a lake north of Dallas about nine years ago.  Zebra mussels are small but attach to boats and infest other bodies of water.

"If they get into the infrastructure, in the lakes or the reservoirs where the water is coming from, if they get into the dams, they can actually clog up the infrastructure," explained Glen Anderson with the City of Corpus Christi Marina Patrol.

In addition to posing an economic threat to Texas’ infrastructure and recreational industries, zebra mussels are harmful to aquatic life, damaging to boats, and a potential hazard to our water supply. They clog pipes and intakes, impeding distribution of municipal water supplies, agricultural irrigation, and power plant operation.

Eradication of zebra mussels is virtually impossible. Being proactive and preventing spread is the best course of action.

Boaters are asked to take their boats out of the water, drain it, then rinse and clean with a pressure washer.  Finally, let it dry for at least seven days before putting back int the water.   

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