TAMU-CC students say man’s hostile preaching is security problem

Posted at 10:30 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 23:30:07-04

For the third time this week, TAMU-CC students say they are being shamed and even insulted by a preacher creating a hostile environment.

A man who calls himself Brother Matt is bellowing religious scripture and sermons on campus while holding out a bible.

He yells out, “You sodomize one another, you fornicate with one another, you break God’s law with regularity.”

Students’ reactions have varied.  Some ignore him, some stand and gawk while others shout back.

Brother Matt says he’s from a Missouri church and wants to show students the error of their ways but the students aren’t open to his method and worry he’s agitating people who could eventually respond with violence.

Kalyn Noyes, a senior, says, she” thinks if he provokes the right person it could be something. Like if he upsets the wrong person and then it’s going to lead to something bad.”

Another student, Delaney Rose, says she supports expression of differing opinions on campus but isn’t happy with the preacher’s delivery.  

“This guy’s just gotten out of hand like he’s standing there calling people names he’s calling women whore’s he’s calling men perverts,” Rose said. 

“You sorority girls and you frat boys on this campus you don’t love God not if you’re living in sin and probably 100 percent of you are,” bellows Brother Matt from the short ledge he stands on.

Brother Matts believes all of the students are guilty of the claims he makes and when asked if he’s concerned about his words provoking violence, his response is an assured, "I know they will." 

Noyes says half the time she doesn’t see campus security when Brother Matt preaches.

“Campus security is not always visible when he’s here and that’s what I think a lot of the students would be more comfortable with,” Noyes said.

Vice President of Student Engagement and Success, Don Albrecht, Ph.D. says that the college will ramp up security if needed to make sure all students feel safe.