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Be observant of changes in your older family members

Gatherings can show signs of aging missed because of pandemic
Be observant of changes in family members
Posted at 1:23 PM, Dec 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-21 14:23:25-05

The pandemic has caused many families to separate over the past few months - in some cases as many as two years.

The upcoming holiday season could be the first time will see and observe their older family members.

Senior care advocates say it's important that we be observant of how they look and act.

Lori Williams, owner of Lori Williams Senior Services, says personal appearance is important. Weight loss or weight gain could be a sign of health issues.

If those members used to dress up or do their hair and makeup and have stopped, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

"I would keep an eye on if they look like they're busy when they stand up, or a little off balance," she said. " So I would be very aware of that. Because it could be anything from maybe the medication they're on or if there's an interaction between meds, or some medications do cause dizziness."

Experts also say older relatives may not be willing to openly talk about challenges.

There's also no set age when people start showing signs of their aging. It depends on personal health. You could start seeing changes by age 70.