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Three tools to help you drive safely during fog

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Posted at 6:25 AM, Nov 29, 2022

Fog can create dangerous driving conditions by reducing visibility. According to the Federal Highway Administration, each year more than 600 people are killed, and more than 16,000 are injured in crashes related to fog.

Statewide, the Texas Department of Insurance reports nearly 60,000 crashes are due to poor weather conditions. Since drivers in the Coastal Bend will be dealing with reduced visibility, we took a closer look at the features of one of our new vehicles. Let's talk about three tools that can help you arrive safely.

Lights, defroster, action!

The Texas Department of Public Safety said when the roads are foggy, check your settings. Never use high beams in foggy weather. They can cause glare, making it more difficult for you to see what's ahead of you on the road.

And if you have fog lights, make sure those are on and clean. These lights are below your main headlights. They help illuminate the road below the fog.

When it comes to keeping a clear view ahead, become familiar with your vehicle's defrost features. Try a warm setting to warm the glass to the temperature outside.

Texas DPS Sergeant Guadalupe Casarez said being able to see the road is critical when driving. He told us he's dealt with crashes during foggy conditions, and a lot of the issues had to deal with drivers using high beams

“I have also dealt with people driving on their straight roadway, and all of a sudden the roadway curves. They don’t see until the last minute, and they drive off the roadway," said Casarez.

“When it comes to driving, one of the things we rely on is our vision. So when you are driving in foggy conditions, it’s extremely dense. So at some point, you can’t even see uh what ten feet five feet in front of you," said Casarez.

When fog decreases visibility to one-quarter of a mile or less, it is termed heavy fog. The National Weather Service Corpus Christiwill issue a dense fog advisory.

Here are some other tips from the Texas Department of Insurance for driving in fog:

  1. Wait it out
  2. Light the way 
  3. Go slowly 
  4. Be alert 
  5. Stay put