Having trouble paying your bills this month?

Posted at 11:46 AM, Apr 01, 2020

Due to COVID 19, many businesses have closed down, causing thousands to lose their jobs. Now that the first of the month is here, many are worried about how they will pay their rent and bills for the month.

Fortunately, Nueces County Justince of the Peace Henry Santana says if you are not able to pay, you can legally stay home.

"We’ve also received the same news from the Texas Supreme Court," Santana said. "Is that tenants who rent property, must not be evicted during this period of time."

Santana says it is a good idea to communicate with your landlord to explain your situation/ And his piece of advice is to pay what you can.

"I would say the bottom line, of course, is they don’t have to pay," Santana said. "But it would be nice if they could make some effort to pay."

The grace period set in by the Texas Supreme Cou rt will last until April 19.

For people who may need a little more financial assistance, the Salvation Army has options helping with rent and utility payments.

Salvation Army Commanding Officer Captain Patrick Gesner says, "people are coming to us right now with a lot of anxiety, people that are even given aid are experiencing anxiety. And for some people, there is a loss of hope. What we want to remind people is, that there is still hope."

To learn more about the Salvation Army's services, call 361-884-9497 and ask to speak to a Case Manager in Social Services.