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Fishing Report: Sunday Oct. 4

Posted at 9:10 AM, Oct 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-04 19:52:28-04

Local fishing guide Joey Farah knows a little bit about catching a few lunkers from Coastal Bend waterways.

He said that fishing with soft plastics should be effective with our weather conditions for this weekend.

"We're behind that full moon still, to look for your best times are early in the morning, during the mid-day hour and at the last light just before sunset," Farah said.

"Right now we're catching a lot of fish on soft plastics. Now that the water and air temperatures are cooling off, it's a real easy way to carry your tackle and everything with you and just jump in and out of the truck or in the boat."

Farah recommends a soft plastic you can see at the end of your cast.

"Make sure you leave a pause in your retrieve here and there so let those fish gain angle and strike the bait," Farah said.

If you're looking to target some flounder this weekend, check out around the docks and channel edges around Port Aransas and the Packery.

"Those flounder have really been on the move and they love soft plastics," Farah said.

And if you're looking for some trout, Farah said to look for birds near the water.

"Watch for birds sitting on the water and trout slicks, oily places under those birds," he said. "That's where the trout have been hanging out."