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Family claims their rental home is filled with spiders and broken floor boards, management responds

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jul 30, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A mother of 3 says she's been living in a house with spiders, broken floor boards, and a slated foundation. She wants the landlord to fix the issues, or allow her to break her lease.

Genevie Rodriguez has been renting this house since March. She says issues started popping up just months after her and her family of five moved in.

“You have to balance yourself in between the beam because if you sit back the wrong way, you'll fall back,” said Rodriguez. “You pick this up and then you see the hole that roaches come through.”

Doing a simple walk-through her house, Rodriguez pin-pointed issues from a slanted foundation to gaping sections in walls where she says critters constantly crawl through.

“We try to keep the kids away because the wall is splitting and separating from the border,” said Rodriguez. We're never going to get rid of the spiders cause there’s so many holes in this house.”

“The restroom door has never been able to close, we constantly try and we've bought gates to keep the dog out of the restroom at night.”

“My 3-year-old has seizures thank god she fell sideways because if she would have fell forward that would have been her head right there.”

Rodriguez says it's been over a month and the work necessary to fix most of the problems hasn't been done.

So KZTV’s Brenda Matute reached out to the Corpus Chris Capital Management Group, the company that manages the rental property to ask why.

“First of all, we have sent the people there to her house and second of all we have a scheduled crew going out there on Thursday.”

Brenda Matute: My question is why did it take so long? It looks like you guys have been texting back and forth for the past month and a half about the same issues.

“Well okay, what I’ll probably do is I’ll probably offer her her security deposit back to her and give her the option to move out.”

Rodriguez says the management company has allowed her to break her lease without consequence and has given her until 5pm July 31st to move out.