Actor from Netflix's Selena: The Series pays homage to local music legend

Pop Culture 101 talks with actor Carlos Alfredo Jr.
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Posted at 10:56 AM, Aug 20, 2021

The actor and musician who plays Joe Ojeda in Selena: The Series on Netflix is paying homage to the music legend.

Carlos Alfredo Jr. said he is living his dreams in Los Angeles. Originally from Oakland, California, he recently played the role of Joe Ojeda in Selena: The Series on Netflix.

He tells us what it was like to be part of the series and his new song that he wrote on Selena’s birthday called, Reina De La Luna.

Carlos Alfredo Jr. said he grew up listening to Selena since he was 6 years old. He said to be part of the Netflix series was like coming full circle.

“So when I came to Los Angeles and I heard about this opportunity for Selena the series, I had to be apart of it at all costs and I got very very lucky. very very fortunate that I got to be a small part of her legacy. You cant write this kind of stuff you know,” said Carlos Alfredo Jr.

Alfredo Jr. said it was cool Joe Ojeda was kind enough to share stories and gave him feedback on how to play the keyboard. He also said Ojeda gave him feedback on costumes.

“When I finally got on set and I got the haircut and I would get the wardrobe, I would send him pictures of all that and he would just approve it or be like I would never wear that, you know. and I would go to the wardrobe team and I would be like hey Joe says he would never wear this outfit. And then they would be like oh you are talking to Joe and they be all excited and it just became this really really cool collaboration between him and I and the Selena team,” said Alfredo Jr.

Alfredo jr. said in his down time from filming Selena: The Series he had a piano, guitar and his thoughts. He said one night he will never forget is when he saw Selena in his dreams.

“She said Carlos I have a song that I want you to show to the world and she played me the most beautiful song and and I woke up with tears in my eyes,” said Alfredo Jr.

The actor said he couldn’t remember the melody of the song from his dream but as time passed, he found the melody that became, Reina De La Luna.

“And based off that melody in three hours i wrote the entire song from the lyrics to the entire guitar, even the drums to the bass, like everything in just one sitting,” said Alfredo Jr.

After filming the Netflix show and professionally recording the song, Alfredo Jr. said he had one more thing in mind. “I decided I wanted to do a music video and go to Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Texas and just pay my respects and film this homage to Selena,” said Alfredo Jr.

Alfredo Jr. said one of his favorite quotes from Selena is, “the impossible is always possible. And I live by that quote because its true if you want to live a life you’ve never lived you have to do things you’ve never done and do things that scare you.”