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Couple seeks help for upcoming kidney transplant

Posted at 7:54 PM, Feb 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 21:46:33-05

Valentine's Day is one week away, but right now a local couple share's a love story that will pull at your heartstrings.

It's about unconditional love, selflessness and sacrifice.

Robert Tamez and Diana Aguilar call themselves "A Kidney Match made in Heaven."

They met in junior high.

"She is an angel for me," Tamez said.

Almost 40 years later, Tamez and Aguilar are engaged.

Aguilar said she would do anything for him. Including, giving him one of her kidneys so he can live.

"If it means me giving up one of my kidneys and putting myself at risk, I am willing to do that for him," an emotional Aguilar said.

Tamez was diagnosed with kidney failure and has undergone dialysis three times a week, four hours a day -- for two years.

"I thank her for it," Tamez said. "I thank her for that. There's no ending story for us. There's always a next level for our lives and happiness."

The couple now faces the hardship of medical bills and staying afloat while they are out of work.

As the sole provider for the couple -- and Tamez's 10-year-old son -- Aguilar hopes to raise enough while they recover for six weeks.

"I just need a hand up while I recover and while he recovers," Aguilar said.

This is coming from a woman who has given back to the Coastal Bend community for four years, through her personal group "361 From Our Table 2 Yours."

Tamez's sister, Josie Alvarado, said their family is grateful Aguilar is keeping their brother alive.

"We thank God that everyday we get to see him wake up and hear his voice," Alvarado said. "It's hard. It's really, really hard."

As the youngest of six children, Tamez said his family has been through tragedy after tragedy, but through and through, he and Aguilar have each other.

"We love him and he's our baby," Alvarado said. "I have raised him. He has been in my arms since he was a baby."

It's this gift of life that means everything to this couple.

"I love him enough to save his life," Aguilar said in tears.

The family will be hosting a turkey leg benefit on Mar. 7 at Chano's Place, 5114 Carroll Lane. There is a $6 donation.

You also can donate to their GoFundMe account here.